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Ninja Throwing Stars offered by Greg Baird & Co. ship to the USA ONLY!

Ninja Throwing Stars are FUN!

The ninja throwing star or shuriken is a centuries old weapon that's been featured in martial arts films too numerous to mention. These modern day replicas are completely authentic and loads of fun to throw. All of the throwing stars we have featured on this site are REAL! And while they are a lot of fun, we suggest that appropriate adult supervision be used so everyone stays SAFE!
So the question is... How many do you want?

To get a complete set of ninja stars? Click the pic!Ninja stars are as readily identifiable in the ninja's arsenal of tools as their black uniform and katana. Many people have been fascinated by ninja throwing stars from seeing martial arts star like Bruce Lee use them during a Saturday matinee many years ago.  Judging by their modern popularity the mystique of this ninja weapon has continued to grow. This is probably due to so many bad guys meeting their fate at the hand of the ninja wielding this ancient weapon. Click here to get your set of ninja throwing stars!

Are you looking to buy single ninja stars? Click the pic!
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